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Find what you need at highly affordable prices.

Our inventory changes daily, featuring:

  • clothing in all sizes for men, women, teens, children and infants

  • shoes

  • household items

  • books

  • more!

Your purchase at the LCFS Thrift Store goes towards helping families in need. 

Run 100% by volunteers. ALL profits provide our community with:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Alcohol and drug addiction treatment
  • Counseling assistance for military veterans and service members
  • In-school counseling for at risk youth
  • Adoption services

These services are provided by Lutheran Counseling and Family Services of Wisconsin which provides care for people of all ages regardless of culture or economic status. Its  adoption services have placed children into loving Christian homes for over 120 years. Learn more at or call 414-536-8333.

To find an LCFS counselor in the greater Shawano/Green Bay area, click here.